Vorremmo uscire in gara la prossima domenica, ieri ci siamo allenate su un esercizio chiamato “dentro e fuori”. Come potete vedere nel video sono verticalini in successione, ai quali noi poi abbiamo aggiunto due verticali laterali da affrontare in spezzata subito dopo l’uscita dall’oxer centrale. Non abbiamo lavorato in altezza, questo esercizio è fatto per aiutare il cavallo a diventare agile con gli arti anteriori, ed i salti con girata stretta dopo l’oxer di uscita dal “dentro e fuori”, per allenarci entrambe ad acquisire maggiore equilibrio, ordine e reattività fra più salti collegati vicini. Icona sta lavorando moooolto bene. E’ stata bravissima =)
We would like to go in competition next Sunday, yesterday we were trained on an exercise called “in and out.” As you can see in the video there are several little jump in succession, to which we then added two lateral jump to face diagonally right after the central exit oxer. We have not worked in height, this exercise is done to help the horse become agile with the front legs, and the jumps with tight turn after the exit oxer of the “in and out“, to train both us to gain more balance, order and reactivity during jumps connected neighbors. Icona is working very weeeeell. She was really good =)

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  1. Answer: Hey Gaia! Yes, i know. I have been on you blog before. Thanks very much! My horse is a he, I agree his face is cute! 🙂 Im glad that you like my blog, I have been in italy befor in Milano, and a place outside Milano to and in Rome I have also been. When I was in Milano I did ride on a riding center there, but I dont remember the name of it. Even if the trainer was speaking italy, I did understand it quite good! But that was a few years ago now. I see that you like Hööks? I dont like Hööks, because everyone use ther products. I like HV Polo, Kingsland, Veredus, Glen gordon, and so on.. How much do you compete? How many horses do you have?

  2. Hi Jessica and thanks for your comment =) I follow many Swedish blog on Bloglovin and sometimes I forgot someone 😀 It would be interesting to know what was the name of the equestrian center where you been here in Italy.One day I would like to come to Sweden for's my little dream =)Yes I have Hooks Europe as sponsor, we made a collaboration for making its e-shop known also here in Italy. It's good.I love Equiline, Animo, Cristina Sports, Parlanti, and all Italian brands :PMy mare, that you can see in my pictures, is Italian and she is 9 years old *.*

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